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From young sports pros at the beginning of their careers up to seasoned pros, career ending injury insurance and income protection is vital for your peace of mind.

At NIG we have specialist policies with insurers who specialise in insurance for footballers and all Professional Sports.

What is Serious Sports Injury Cover?

Serious Sports Injury Cover has been specifically designed to provide future financial protection to you in the event of an injury occurring whilst you are participating in any given sport.

Our Serious Sports Injury Cover also provides benefit for accidental injury whilst travelling to and from a scheduled match, training session or competition or whilst on tour or any accidental injury sustained outside of sports, but it is not a travel insurance.

Worldwide Travel Insurance is available to upgrade your cover, for an additional premium.

What we offer

  • Accident Protection that protects you 24/7, whether you are competing or not
  • Individual and group/team policies
  • Guaranteed acceptance for sports people aged 16-64
  • Tax-free lump sum payment
  • Monthly salary paid until recover or retirement, whichever comes first
  • Access to the Worlds best medical professionals to aid recovery and beyond
  • Accidental cover that protects whether the injury is sustained at work or not
  • Full European and World cover whilst playing your sport overseas
  • Peace of mind that when your contract ends your salary will still be paid by NIG


Newcastle Insurance Group
Newcastle Insurance Group

Serious sports injury cover

Our providers will cover you whether you are playing sport or not, so if you are unlucky enough to have an accident at home or on the road, you are still fully covered.

Through our partners you can also get Income Protection that will pay out if you cannot perform your main income role. A number of teams and leagues provide basic sports injury protection for their players. In many cases though the money is paid to the club who often have no legal or contractual obligation to pass any money on to the sports competitor.

The benefit levels are often very small and insufficient to provide the level of cover most people need. Through NIG Insurance you can be confident that we can offer you comprehensive and competitive cover that will pay the money directly to you.

Whether to replace appearance money, lost income from other employment or to aid your recovery, serious sports injury insurance is fast becoming a “must have” for people competing in all levels of sport.

Please see full documentation for terms, conditions, significant limitations and specific exclusions.

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